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15 Good Driving Habits

Empower Yourself With Fifteen Good Driving Habits


Good habits are hard to acquire but easy to live with…….Bad habits are easy to acquire but hard to live with.


1.    Get Driver-Vehicle Readiness:  Safety Belts on, Doors Locked, Headlights On.


2.    Make smooth, gradual starts and stops.


3.    Use reference points to know exactly where your car is positioned.


4.    Before putting your foot on the gas pedal, see that the targeting path is clear.


5.    Visualize the Target Area; then evaluate the 12-15 second ranges en route to it.


6.    Become alerted to changes to your LOS-Pot (Line-Of-Sight, Path-Of-Travel.


7.    When your LOS-POT becomes restricted, reduce your speed.


8.    Adjust speed and position to keep empty space to the side.


9.    When you see a red light, reduce speed to time your arrival into a green light.


10. Before entering any intersection, check that the          left, front right zones are clear.


11. When your foot goes on the brake, check the      rearview mirror.


12.    Before moving your vehicle to either side, check your blind spots.


13.    Keep four seconds of following time from the front vehicle.


14.    When stopped behind a vehicle, see its rear tires touching the road


15.    Empower yourself and reduce stress by being courteous, rather than competitive, while driving.

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